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EDGE Leader in Training Course

EDGE is a unique Leader in training and Discipleship course here at Calvary Temple Camp.  The goal of the program is to equip youth ages 15-17 with leadership skills, biblical foundations, and an understanding of serving and camp ministry.  Many EDGE participants graduate from this program to become CTCamp staff.  We strive to help youth develop confidence to lead not only at camp but in their every day.

This year we are putting a pause on the full Edge Program, and offering a modified version.  Dates to be determined.


Contact Kristen Schulz for more information and cost. 

EDGE    Q & A

Q: How old do I have to be to take EDGE?

A: EDGE is designed for campers ages 15-17

Q: Is there sponsorship or subsidy?

A: Yes, we work with a couple different programs to ensure that finances are not going to impact whether or not a camper can attend camp.  You can contact the Church office (204) 943-4551or Becky Clarke for more information.

Q: Is EDGE co-ed? How many spaces are available?

A: Yes EDGE is a co-ed program and we have a limit of 20 participants. 

Q: Is it hard to pass the course?

A: The course does require a commitment to work hard. However, we understand that there are many different learning styles and abilities and we will work with the participants to support them throughout the course. If you have any concerns you can also contact Becky Clarke

Q: What do I need to pack?

A: Similar to being a camper you can find a list of items to pack here. It is also a good idea to bring a good backpack and runners as (weather depending) we try to do one overnight campout.

Q: Will I get to be CTCamp staff when I am done EDGE?

A: Almost 95% of our summer camp staff have completed the EDGE program! We love giving our EDGERS the opportunity to volunteer at camp to encourage them to grow and use their skills.  EDGE graduates are always welcome to apply as staff the following summer!

Q: What does EDGE stand for?

A: Equipping Disciples of God for Eternity

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